BREXIT – Monaco Residence

April 1, 2021

On January 1st, 2021, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland officially left the European Union. The Brexit then led to the abandonment of EU law and especially the free movement area for British nationals inside the Schengen space.

Although the Principality of Monaco is an independent country, a non-EU member, it remains de facto a member of the Schengen area (its borders and customs territory being considered as part of France). Border controls are abolished and the principle of freedom of movement within the said area is applied. 

As a result, Brexit has consequences on the residence permit requirements for British nationals over the age of 16 who wish to reside in Monaco for more than three months in a year or interested to set up their home address.

Before submitting their application, they must first obtain a long-stay visa (type D visa) for Monaco from the French consulate closest to their latest place of residency. However, it should be remembered that in addition to the obtention of the visa, settling in Monaco is determined by presenting a suitable accommodation, proof of sufficient financial income and good character by providing a Copy of Police Records).

This new rule applies only to United Kingdom and Northern Irish citizens, requiring for their first time a residence permit. Indeed, an establishment visa will not be required by the Monegasque authorities for holders of such a valid permit who wish to renew it. 

It should be noted that the parents or allies (persons united with other relatives resulting from marriages) of an individual applying for a renewal, cannot benefit from this derogatory status if they are not already holding a residence permit, and they remain subject to the establishment of the visa procedure.

The procedure to apply for the residency in Monaco is relatively simple, but the requirements must be strictly followed to avoid any delay or possible rejection of the application. It is recommended to refer to the website of Monaco Government:

Source : Gouvernement Princier

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